• MOJO Custom Boards


Each of our sails are designed and constructed with the most advanced custom technology.


Our success with fully customized handcrafted boards has led us to the idea to offer matching quality made-to-order sails. We have joined forces with well renowned local sailmaker Tuss Sails and lead designer Zoltán Csury. Established is 1967 Tuss Sails introduced laminated sail clothes and CAD/CAM technology in the early 2000s. Now they cover the full spectrum of sailmaking from Optimist boats to Atlantic cruisers including quivers for 15 times Flying Dutchman world champion Szabolcs Majthényi.

Miklós Tuss founder - Kiel 1970


Every single model and size relentlessly finetuned with advanced computer aided designing involving advice from the best in the business.

Zoltán Csury & Szabolcs Majthényi - brainstorming after a test session - Balatonföldvár 2023


All designs are brought to life by top-notch computerized cutting machine and careful sewing by expert craftsmen. This process make individual layout choice, extra reinforcements and custom prints possible.


All MOJO sails exclusively feature premium quality Dimension Polyant polyamide laminates and marine grade UV resistant Coats Dabond thread.


We believe the worst the conditions are, the better the testing is. Like other European inland waters Lake Balaton can provide the most unstable conditions there are. This challenging environment really help us to develop sails with huge wind range and excellent control that most Euro riders are calling for.

Rudy before a test session - Lake Balaton 2023