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sail layouts

Our custom sail making technology enable us to produce individual layouts. We offer 3 panel colors, 6 frame (luff, leach, clew, foot, batten, window, logo) colors, 3 mast sleeve colors and 8 different logo positions. Therefore STANDARD designing already offer endless options and create your truly personalized layout without extra charge. LIMITED and CUSTOM designing really allows you to unleash your imagination and have the most unique premium sail you ever had with only 150 and 250 euro surcharge respectively. Our display is an easy and fun tool to immediately visualize your draft. We are showcasing some ready-made layouts that are available to choose or they give you inspiration to dig deeper designing your own.

Apart from these samples bellow you can create your own layout with our display.

Note: display contains rough color samples that may have a differnt shade on the real product



Dávid Hársfalvi


Szabocs Majthényi