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The very first MOJO sail model, the Rytmo has been developed to offer the most neutral handling in the widest wind range. It feels amazingly light in the hands even overpowered yet producing decent drive to plan early and accelerate quick when conditions are on the edge. You can cut down your quiver for less sizes and stay out longer with the same sail in variable weather while everyone is switching back and forth on the beach. Either conquering ocean surf or blasting choppy lakes it will be steady and precise partner. The Rytmo is designed with radial foot panels for durability and low center of effort, while the head of the sail has optimized single panel cut for minimum swing weight thus super light feel. The low stretch 2 way reinforced polyamide laminate panels have outstanding strength to weight ratio enabling direct power transition, lighter weight and more resistance than most. Repellent mast sleeve, e-slide mast leader and c-code sail bags come standard with all Rytmos but you can upgrade yours with x-ply window, HD foot rubbing, HD leach band, double clew ring or inox downhaul pulley. Last but not least at mojoboards.hu/sail-designer you can create your very own layout to set yourself apart from the mass.

Searching for the perfect rhythm of wind and waves? The Rytmo will let you effortlessly go with the flow.


   size (sqm)    mast (cm flex )    boom (cm)     extension (cm)    weight STD (kg)    weight HD (kg)    price STD (eur)
3.7 370 CC / 340 CC 148 6 2.00 2.15 750
4.0 370 CC 152 10 2.20 2.36 750
4.2 370 CC 156 16 2.40 2.57 790
4.5 370 CC 160 22 2.55 2.72 790
4.7 400 CC / 370 CC 166 4 2.70 2.88 790
5.0 400 CC 168 12 2.82 3.00 830
5.3 400 CC 170 22 2.93 3.09 830
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All Rytmo sails come standard with premium materials and unique features yet upgrades are also available.

low stretch 2-way polyamide

repellent mast sleeve

e-slide mast leader

radial foot panels

cutaway leach

hex batten tensioner

HD foot protector


HD head

custom label

c-code sail bag

double clew ring

+ 40 EUR

X-Ply window

+ 40 EUR

HD foot rubbing

+ 30 EUR

HD leach band

+ 40 EUR

inox downhaul pulley

+ 30 EUR

learn more at mojoboards.hu/sailmaking


+ 0 EUR


+ 150 EUR


+ 250 EUR


create your very own layout at mojoboards.hu/sail-designer or get inspiration and mojoboards.hu/sail-layouts

Our authorized forwarder will deliver your board and sail to your doorstep at these flat rates across Europe. We will make sure to get the lowest possible shipping cost outside Europe as well.

learn more at mojoboards.hu/shipping

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We take care of all the sails we make therefore we grant industry leading warranty time.

12 month general warranty for all MOJO sails

learn more at mojoboards.hu/warranty

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