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We strongly believe that your board is a soulful creature. She is your companion in some of the most precious moments in life. Thus we thoughtfully listen to you from the very first email to all feedbacks even years after handcrafting your unique partner. We take special care of every detail from tip to tail while creating your dedicated board. Supreme performance and look customized to your taste are guaranteed. So you can make the most of those moments out there.

We at MOJO Custom Boards employ top of the line materials, CAD/CAM technology, proven building methods and a crew of committed craftsmen. We welcome you to select from our trusted shapes, high standard constructions, wide range of quality components and infinite graphics variations so that we build the custom board meant for you.


The T-RANGE is designed to deliver 

'plug n' play' performance 

in all disciplines.

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state of the art CAD/CAM shaping
our computer aided designs are all cut by our in house 4 axis CNC machine for 100% accuracy... learn more at mojoboards.hu/technology
proven handcraft technology - top of the line materials
each of our constructions from standard to extra light or super strong are built by the careful hands of our committed team of craftsmen using the best materials in the industry... learn more at mojoboards.hu/technology
unique piece tailored for your needs
see our survey that will guide you through all the different options designing your board and it will also help us better understand your demands... learn more at mojoboards.hu/design-yours
premium fittings and accessories
we only settle for the best components available or produce even better on our own.... learn more at mojoboards.hu/components
unlimited graphic options - high quality finish
we offer a range of graphics that you can choose endless color combinations for or we can produce nearly anything of your imagination.... learn more at mojoboards.hu/graphics
flat rate shipping worldwide
our authorized forwarder will deliver your stick to your doorstep safe and fast at the lowest rates.... learn more at mojoboards.hu/shipping
extended warranty
we take care of every board we make therefore extended warranty periods are also available... learn more at mojoboards.hu/warranty

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MOJO Feel Good Friday @ MOJO workshop, 16 Dec 2022

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