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board graphics

All our graphics are masked and fully painted but no stickers are used to eliminate peal off and excess weight. High grade 2k paints and lacquer are air-sprayed on every board. You can choose out of 4 STANDARD and 5 LIMITED graphic patterns to create your own style and color ways.  Our display offers 13 colors, transition options, multiple logo sizes and positions for all patterns providing virtually endless variations. We are willing to execute nearly anything else that you may imagine, so you can send us your CUSTOM graphics idea and we will give you a quote starting from 250 euro. Non slip can be applied in 2 different refinedness (standard, fine) that may flat the colors differently. The bottom of our boards are finished matte for better performance, but the rails can be finished matte or glossy.

Apart from these samples bellow you can create your own graphics with our display.

Note: display contains rough color samples that may have a differnet shade on the real product



STD 2 

STD 3 

Split LTD

Spirit LTD


Bubble LTD

Pinline LTD

CUSTOM graphics > 250 EUR

Send us your graphics idea so as we can give you a customized quote.
We need your logos and figures in vector graphical format to be able to produce the necessary masking stickers.

airbrush by Mike Tamás



Find inspiration from our ready boards at mojoboards.hu/mojo-gallery.