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We do pay attention to all the feedback of MOJO Custom Boards riders. We believe their impressions are useful information to anyone looking at ordering a particular board or simply want to collect information on our products. Everyone with a MOJO experience is welcome to send us a review to be highlighted on this page. Get an inside look, get involved! 


Peter van den Haak / The Netherlands

age: 37 yrs / height: 205 cm / weight: 85 kgs

Trigger 120 Rock BX

The windgods were in my favor so I had the opportunity to test the board today. Conditions were far from optimal, but that is often the case at my homespot. The condiitions: The wind was very gusty, varying from 12 to 35 knots N-NW. The rig: Gunsails GS-R 8.6 and a Select S1 XL Slam EVO fin (43cm). Because of the extremely gusty day, I was able to test the board in all conditions. The board starts planing very early without any effort, It lays high on the water, feels loosely and eats the chop like there is none. In windlulls the board keeps planing very easy In overpowered conditions the board is very controllable as long as you keep the sail sheeted in. The board is fast and it gybes like heaven! It carves very good in the turns and it keeps it speed.

In short... I love the board!. You guys created a masterpiece!!!





Trevor Fisk / United Kingdom

age: 55 yrs / height: 180 cm / weight: 81 kgs

Trick Pro 100 Rock BX

I used the board for the first time yesterday. The wind wasn’t wonderful but she worked great. The sailing area feels very compact which enables me to pump with my feet in both front and rear straps, which is perfect for early foiling. The control whilst up on the foil is also great, in any lull of the wind because you are sailing over the center line, it stays on the foil very easy and is also very efficient to pump the board for extra float. Transitions are a little more difficult, due to the small size and narrowness of the board but that is just going to be a learning curve for me to adjust.

It is going to be really nice once I get use to it, I love it.





Martin D. Gottier / Germany

age: 55 yrs / height: 186 cm / weight: 90 kgs

Tiny 87 Soul SG

Yeaaaah, i am happy. A little piece of Happinees in our Life. The baby comes to me...:) I think Love and Windsurfing are the best drugs against all the problems in the World!!!!! :)))

By now, the baby has arrived to Sommerland. The quality of the board and your design modify is great. It looks very good and it’s neat and tidy handled. Yesterday, it was first time with the baby on river Elbe. The wind was strong with 6-7 Beaufort and i used the 4,7qm sail. It was great and i am happy with the baby.

I am enamored and I can't wait the next Sessions!

Hang Loose Martin :)





Matthew Burridge / France

age: 48 yrs / height: 182 cm / weight: 96 kgs

Thriller 105 Rock SG

So the thriller 105, we used it in 18-20 knots, very choppy conditions with a 5.7 5 batten freewave and a 27 fin. Really nice board, smooth through chop, very turny, some nice little jumps off the chop. The fin was a bit big probably, a wide base 25 would have been better i expect, but it was a long walk to the car... so i didnt change it one downside with the short length and high volume tail for my specific weight is that the centre of bouyancy is quite far aft, so the tail sits high in the water when underpowered, struggling to get home when the wind dies. it makes the balance a bit tricky. Just a touch more wind and more forward movement and the problem goes away completely. this is pretty normal for me in this size and style of board BUT this was the first sail in horrible corrigated chop, and i will need to learn how to sail the board over a few months to give any feedback worth anything to you, the first few sails are always spent comparing it to what i normally sail!

So thanks very much its a very nice board!





Andrey Alexandrenko / Germany

age: 43 yrs / height: 190 cm / weight: 80 kgs

Tempo Pro 130 Hard Rock DY

I used my free time today to take a better look at the boards. They are really good (very good paintwork, sanding, straps, pads and so on).

I managed to go on the water with the Tempo 130. And I was surprised about it. The board feels like a freemove board. Even jumping is quite possible. It is very agile, forgiving and quite comfortable in chop conditions. An the other hand it accelerates fast and achieves quite a good speed. I'm looking forward for warm days with more guys on the water, so I can compete with others.

I tried the Tempo Pro on foil. And one more surprise, it did very well. I would say it was even better than my old bic windfoil 130. The water touch was quite soft without loosing much speed. And I did not have the so called catapult effect. Maybe I just have to try it harder. Even the straps position was with a 7.5 sail and my afs85 perfect.





Bajzáth Gábor / Hungary

age: 44 yrs / height: 184 cm / weight: 74 kgs

Tidal Pro 82 Soul SG

Beszámoló Sóstóról: napközben ezren voltak es olyan semmilyen volt a szél, aztan délutan 5 utan gyönyörűen befújt, akkorra már szinte mindenki hazament, jó erős 4.2 82 liter ment Sóstó-classic hullamokkal. Fél 8-ig kentem. Ami fontos: ma csak 4.2-vel mentem. Mindkét deszka zseni az adott körülmények között ezzel a vityóval, nagyon szeretem mindkettőt. Egyébkent a 90-est sokkal júzerfrendebbnek érzem, de tényleg szuper a kicsi is ha rendesen fúj a szél.

Report from Sóstó: during the day it was crowded and there was fluky wind, then it picked up nicely after 5 in the afternoon, by then almost everyone had gone home, a good strong 4.2 82 liters went with Sóstó-classic waves. I sailed until 8:30. What’s important: today I only sailed on 4.2. Both boards are awesome with the right conditions on this sail, I really like both. Otherwise, I feel like the Tidal 90 is more user friendly, but the little one is really great with proper wind





Gerd Knarren / Germany

age: 50 yrs / height: 184 cm / weight: 98 kgs

Tempo Pro 140 Soul BX

I could ride the board yesterday and today with 8.6 sail. Today I took another fin and the board felt much more free. Today I used a Select S1 fin in 47 cm. The board felt much more free and I could make more height. With this fin the board rides really perfect.

Exactly what I was looking for. It took a big smile to my face.

Hang Loose from the Brouwersdam





Alessando Guidetti / Italy

age: 44 yrs / height: 178 cm / weight: 70 kgs

Tweak 105 Soul SG

mojo buon giorno .. sono a hyeres oggi poca onda e vento da 5.3 .. mio dio .. incredibile .. che tavola che tavola .. nn va mai in spinout strambata in un metro .. incredibile "belin" sono troppo felice .. velocità incredibile .. bolina tantissimo .. cazzo va a 200 sparata in bolina contro vento ... quando surfi con vento da mare e onda che non spinge nn perde la planata riprende la parete e la schiuma della onda ..voto 10000000 grazie mille .. salutoni

mojo good morning .. i'm in hyeres today little wave and wind for 5.3 .. my god .. incredible .. what a board what a board .. never goes into spinout jibe in one meter .. incredible "belin" I'm too happy .. incredible speed upwind .. went 200 times upwind .. when you surf with sea wind and the wave does not push she stays on the plane and gets back on the face to the whitewater ..vote 10000000 thank you very much .. salutoni.





Alexander Funk / Germany

age: 51 yrs / height: 192 cm / weight: 91 kgs

Taxi 129 Soul SG

I had the first session yesterday, the weight really makes a difference in carrying and foiling. The board feels more lively in the air.

The trimm with the new positions is fine, the deckpad is comfortable. The board works perfect as a 4in1 board for windsup, windfoiling, suping, supfoiling and now even for winging. The foil inserts are build in rock solid. But the rails seem a little bit more ding sensitive than on Taxi 1. The beach at our lake consists of sand and small, round stones. These left some dings on the rails while attaching the rigg.

About the rails, I didn't have any problems with this after i noticed it at first.





Mátyás János / Hungary

age: 41 yrs / height: 185 cm / weight: 80 kgs

Tidal 85 Hard Rock DY

Aki látta, probálta annak tetszett. Tegnap egyik sráctol az volt a feedback, hogy könnyű nagyon használni (Little Reefre ment ki vele) - ami igaz is. Szerintem is könnyű, illletve (ez nem kritika amúgy) pont ezért gondolkodom a Tidal Pro-n is. Nem kell szerintem senkinek Polakow style radikal deszka, de néha jó lenne egy gyorsabb verzió. A lényeg hogy én egy boldog ügyfel vagyok! De tuti fogok rendelni egy Tidal Pro-t is... :)

Whoever saw and tested liked it. The feedback from one of the guys yesterday was that it was very easy to use (sailed Little Reef with her) - which is also true. I think it's easy, too (and that's not a criticism anyway) that's why I'm thinking about Tidal Pro too. I don’t think anyone needs Polakow style radical boards, but sometimes a faster version would be nice. The main thing is that I'm a happy customer! But I will definitely order a Tidal Pro ... :)





Henk & Paul Slaa / The Netherlands

age: 54 yrs / height: 194 cm / weight: 100 kgs

Thriller 109 Rock SG

Today Paul and I had our very first session with our MOJO’s. It was great. Wind dropped at first, but picked up quit fast and stayed strong througout the afternoon. I must say that my thriller was fantastic. It was very quick with planing and it was very easy to sail. All the chop was ironed away and it was a very relaxing ride. Even when the wind picked up, it stayed easy to control. The jumps were higher than I expected. Very nice! Waveriding went well, but I didn’t have the right finsetup jet, so it could even go better. The only thing is that on the way back I couldn’t put much pressure (floating front foot). This needs a little bit of tweaking, I think.

Overall it was a very satisfying session. Paul was also very happy. He compared it to his JP Thruster and he said that his MOJO was planing much quicker, than his JP.





Mario Röcher / Germany

age: 46 yrs / height: 180 cm / weight: 93 kgs

Twilight 110 Soul SG

Last weekend I was finally on the coast and was able to surf the mojo on Sunday. With my Torro 6.0 I could surf the mojo on flat water. Stand up and feel at home, early planing, maneuverable, lots of fun. Looking forward to the next session with a little bit of a wave.  

By the way, it was a lot of fun to order a board from you. Super reaction times, friendly communication, great product, keep up the good work.  

I will definitely recommend you and certainly order my next board from you.





Florian Pöckl / Austria

age: 36 yrs / height: 176 cm / weight: 75 kgs

Tweak 95 Rock SG

Andy has just brought me my board, it is great! :-))))  

You and your guys has done a really great job! Thanks a lot!!! It’s perfect!

Now we only need some good wind for the first ride on the water! :)

A short feedback to my Tweak 95 which I have got from you last year, the board is awesome and I have really great fun with it!!





Kai Weisweiler / Germany

age: 44 yrs / height: 188 cm / weight: 74 kgs

Thriller 102 Soul TX

You. Are. Heroes. !   I am totally blown away by the beauty of this board. My biggest respect to you and the MOJO crew for how you build and finished it. So much attention to detail, so straight and clean craftsmanship. No bleeding paint edges. Absolutely great work! I know that it's nearly impossible to finish largish high gloss textreme areas without dry spots, little air bubbles are other inaccuracies. As i told you before, i once owned a Fanatic Textreme board. It also had many visible sanding spots. So don't care about that.   The weight is definitely ok concerning the many paint layers, thruster boxes and luxurious pads. The Thriller will go on a trip with me to south of France in two weeks, good timing :) We will be raising glasses tonight to the MOJO team.

I didn't give you feedback for a long time about my 102 Thriller. I still looove this board. It's amazingly versatile for our different spots here in southern germany. And it draws lots of attention :)