• MOJO Custom Boards


All our finboxes, mastboxes and footstrap inserts are custom made for the ultimate strength and low weight. Finboxes and mastboxes are full carbon constructions built on high density Airex core. Weighing literally half of the plastic boxes used in production boards while outperforming them in all mechanical details. Our stainless steel metric double inserts are lightweight but simply unbreakable. They eliminate twisting and allow you to screw your straps on and off as many times as you want. We also offer these parts for sale separately.


mastbox 17 cm
weight: 170g
79 EUR

mastbox 12 cm
weight: 140g
79 EUR

us box 17 cm
weight: 170g
79 EUR

power box
weight: 230g
89 EUR


slot box 12 cm
weight: 120g
69 EUR

slot box 10 cm
weight: 110g
69 EUR


foil deep tuttle box
weight: 320g
149 EUR

deep tuttle box
weight: 280g
99 EUR


foil track
weight: 460g
149 EUR

auto vent
maintenace free Gore-Tex valve
weight: 18g
59 EUR


inox metric double insert
weight: 13g
15 EUR