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The 2019 Jump & Jibe session awards will be presented at the MOJO Happy Hours Party in Bistro Promenad on 21st December to worthily celebrate the most memorable session of the season.

The 2019 Jump & Jibe session was a blast!

55 riders displayed amazing action in front of the 11 photographers, drone pilots and cameramen on a picture perfect Lake Balaton day.

The standout sailors received the following prizes:

  • The best jump - János Torma
  • The best jibe - Máté Lazaridisz
  • The best style - Ádám Birtók
  • The best female - Kinga Vihar
  • The best junior - Csongor Bögöti
  • Audience award - Dávid Amigó shot by Gergely Vihar

Voting has ended at windsurfing.hu/blog/mojo_boards_jump_jibe/7 and the best photo of the 2019 MOJO Jump & Jibe Session has been selected! The featured rider is Dávid Amigo who receives the ‘audience award' and a large photo print, while the cameramen is Gergely Vihar who wins the 30 000 HUF prize money. 

Thank you everyone for coming!


MOJO Jump & Jibe Sessions

In June 2018 we had over 50 enthusiastic participants at the biggest windsurfing jamboree in Hungary. Let's meet again this year at one of the best spots on Lake Balaton on one of the windiest days of the season and share a perfect windsurfing session! The MOJO Jump & Jibe sessions will surely be more than just an average windsurfing day. 

What is it exactly? 

MOJO Jump & Jibe is not a competition. It is rather an expression session, where everyone tries to perform the moves, jumps and jibes in the nicest and most stylish way. You’ll be in the spotlight of the cameras so your maneuvers will be captured for sure. In addition, there will be oversized photo prints at stake as an extra motivation to do your best in the Balatonfenyves waves.

Check the pictures and videos of the past first Jump & Jibe Sessions (18/6/2018 and 21/8/2019 ): mojoboards.hu/action-gallery

The location: 

Balatonfenyves is one of the windiest place on the southern coast of Balaton. Near the pier you will find nice, clean ramps for jumping and riding. Most of the time the conditions are onshore / bump & jump.

The date: 

It's a stand-by format, so the date is flexible, it will be picked once a good forecast shows up. Just register online and you will be notified of the next MOJO Jump & Jibe sessions. The first stand-by period of 2020 will be announced soon.  

Who will be prized?

At the Mojo Jump & Jibe sessions everyone wins. Besides an inspiring atmosphere a free MOJO Custom Boards t-shirt is granted if you register and join us in a session.  Moreover, if you are a good jumper, your jibes are stylish and you are a good onshore wave-rider, then you have a good chance to receive one of the prizes bellow and take home an oversized photo print of yourself!

  • The best jump
  • The best jibe
  • The best style
  • The best female
  • The best junior
  • Audience award (based on photos)

Shoot it!

Alongside professional photographers you can try yourself behind the lenses too! You may get 30000 Ft-s if you happen to snap the picture that is selected for audience award.

Interested? Here’s what to do:

Please register below >>

Don’t forget to tell us in comment if you are a photographer or you want to take photos besides sailing with us! We will send you a yellow alert 4-6 days before the selected date, that will be confirmed by a green alert 2 days prior to the event. Obviously you will also receive e-mail updates with all the detailed information on the event. The registration fee is 2000 Ft-s that you can pay at the MOJO booth on site. You will be entitled for a free event t-shirt and for one perfect bowl of good Hungarian style bean goulash on the spot! 

Info: surf@mojoboards.huinfo@windsurfing.hu

* Required information.