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MOJO Feel Good Friday

The power of our windsurfing society is a huge asset in these diffcult times. Let's come together, enjoy the company of like-minded friends, talk stories and look back to those precious moments on the water.

What is it exactly? 

MOJO Feel Good Friday is a free-spirited get-togehter with food, drinks, music, videos and lots of laughter. 

The location: 

MOJO Custom Boards workshop - 1117 Budapest, Budafoki út 60. / Sztregova köz / Beltex plant

The date: 

16 December 2022 - from 16:00 

Who can participate?

Everyone with the MOJO fever is warmly welcome. 

What's in store?!

Besides having pizza, grill and beer you can enter the raffle to win MOJO apparel or bags.

Interested? Here’s what to do:

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