Design your own board!

Every board we make is a unique piece so you can also have an active share in designing yours. We have developed our T-Range that gives you the framework. The survey bellow will guide you through all the different options of designing your board and it will also help us better understand your demands. Unlike mass production products our boards are created with an adaptable manufacturing process, making zero compromise on shape, construction, material quality, fitting setups , graphics and finish. At MOJO Custom Boards we are dedicated to tailor all these details of your future toy for your flawless experience. Once your new board is designed you'll have the chance to check its 3D model and datasheet to be finalized for production. If you are in doubt just leave the field blank or skip the choice, we are willing to give you advice. Obviously you are also welcome for a chat about your board plan at our workshop, on the phone or by email anytime.

Your details

We need to know a couple of things about you to be able specify your new board.

Your sailing level:

Your spot

Knowing the conditions at your primary sailing location is important to find the right shape for you.


You can enter multiple locations

Your equipment

Key information to set the right balance between your existing equipment and your new board.

Enter your sail sizes

Shape of your board

Give us the required size and category of your board so that we can make recommendation for you or choose a shape from our T-Range that will be tailored to your needs.

Alternatively you can give us a volume range (100-110 liters etc.).


Tail shapes:



Technology of your board

You can choose from 6 constructions featuring different materials, reinforcements and layer thicknesses to fully optimize your board.

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Finboxes of your board

All our boards are exclusively built with custom carbon finboxes.
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Mastboxes and ventilation of your board

There are choices of custom carbon mastboxes with different length/weight and standard or automatic ventilation systems.
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Inserts of your board

We use light and unbreakable inox metric double inserts (4 screws per footstrap), so we can set the right single position to save further weight.
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Number of footstrap inserts:


Stance (cm):
The distance between the front screw of the back strap and the rear screw of the front strap along the centerline.
Some models are recommended with narrower stance while others with wider stance.

Footstrap width (cm):
The distance between the side screws of the footstrap.

Graphics of your board

Create your own color way and style by clicking the design options bellow.
See sample styles at


from 250 EUR

Please attach a file with your drawings to receive quote on your custom graphics.

Finish of your board

Tell us your preference how you want your board to look and feel.

Rail finish:
The bottom of your board should be finished matte for better performance but you can choose the finish of your rails.


Non slip:
KA80 is our standard that offers strong grip but still comfortable.

Accessories for your board

Your board will be equipped with the finest available accessories.
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Depending on the model 3 or 4 standard footstraps are included with your board or you can upgrade to our limited footstrap.


We recommend Maui Ultra Fins G10 fins that we can supply at discounted rates. We will select the best fitting model and size for you if you choose to add fin.


See boardbag size chart at


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Duffle bags:
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Promo material

We constantly update our promo stuff for you for the best MOJO feel.



Thank you for stickering your car, sails etc. spreading the MOJO fever!


We offer you flat rate shipping through Europe but we can give you a quote worldwide.

Pick up at:


Shipping to:


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12 month general warranty for Beat EG / Rock SG / Rock BX / Hard Rock DY construction boards.
8 month general warranty for Soul SG / Soul BX construction boards.

Building time:


50% on order,
balance payment before shipping
* Required information.