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The Maui Ultra Fins R&D team led by Rick Hanke (R & D) and Kurosh Kiani (design, testing) have come up with a great beginner to very advanced windsurf foil after three years of development. The MUF WINDFOIL 4:ALL will get you on the foil, carry you through your jibes and let you fly with freeride and race sails alike.
  • The most overall foil possible is completely produced in the European Union.
  • Other models and wings will follow soon.
  • All parts can be combined in the modular system of the whole foil range. So masts, wings and fuselages can be swapped depending on the conditions and the setting.


Developed as an overall windsurf foil for freeriding, freeracing and even basic freestyling
  • Ease of use / most overall foil possible
  • Very linear lift
  • Flying starts at 8 knots
  • Excellent stability
  • Always in control using your stance and sail
  • Great for upwind / downwind cruising
  • Very good jibing
  • Excellent for manoeuvres, freestyle tricks like board 360…
  • To be sailed with all sail styles and sizes, from freestyle sails to fully cambered race sails
  • Modular system (masts, wings, fuselage)


  • Light due to high-end construction
  • Very sturdy foil parts
  • Salt-water-proof finish
  • Includes padded carrying bag and all screws / washers


  • German engineering
  • Complete production in European Union
  • Optimized high-end carbon fibre layup


Carbon mast
  • 95 cm – perfect balance!
  • 1,500 g – one of the lightest on the market!
  • Tempered Italian T430 high modules prepreg carbon (autoclave curing)
  • Excellent torsional stiffness
  • Additional carbon fibre protection at the front and the base of the mast to increase stiffness and durability
  • Insert positions placed in the mold, not drilled
  • Finish coating to increase mast longevity and surface tension for higher speed

Carbon front and rear wings 
  • RTM molding
  • front wing: 840 cm2 area
  • front wingspan: 82 cm
  • front wing weight: 635 g
  • rear wing: 260 cm2 area
  • rear wingspan: 42 cm
  • rear wing weight: 155 g
  • 3 screws connect the front wing with the fuselage
  • 2 screws are used for the tail wing
  • no adjustments of wings needed (or possible) for ease of use

Aluminium fuselage
  • 101.4 cm
  • 1,630 g
  • Use of extremely sturdy 6082 aluminium milled to perfection
  • Outstanding aerodynamic shape
  • Certified saltwater resistance
  • Excellent match of stability and agility
  • Saddle to connect the wings without torsion
  • Additional high-end coating against corrosion



1799 EUR