• MOJO Custom Boards


We are dedicated to equip our boards with premium quality accessories. Footpads and footstraps are the prime contacts to your board so their shape and comfort are our main priority. Our team invested the time and effort designing and testing them. To stay local we are working with the best custom producer in the area who is able to instantly make modifications according to the feedbacks and requirements. Maui Ultra Fins G10 fins are the best match for our boards characteristics so we offer them at discounted rates. Our classic daylight boardbag is an essential piece if you want to protect your beloved MOJO. We do sell all our accessories separately as well.



All our footpads are double layer (2 x 5mm EVA) construction with different heel bumper thicknesses. We recommend the different styles for the following board categories: round - all wave and euro wave boards, square - all wave, euro wave, freestlye and freemove boards, drop - all freerace and slalom boards. You can choose the style and color of your preference for your board.

round white
heel bumper: 5mm
weight: 300g
59 EUR

round black
heel bumper: 5mm
weight: 300g
59 EUR


square white
heel bumper: 3mm
weight: 400g
69 EUR

square black
heel bumper: 3mm
weight: 400g
69 EUR


drop white
no heel bumper
weight: 450g
79 EUR

drop black
no heel bumper
weight: 450g
79 EUR



Our footstaps feature seamless double neoprene layers for maximum comfort. They can be easily adjusted for any feet size used barefoot or with booties

stiffness: soft
weight: 120g
19 EUR

stiffness: medium
weight: 130g
29 EUR



Maui Ultra Fins is a world renowned maker of high quality and progressive shape fins. Their G10 products are performing perfectly with our boards. Thanks to our good partnership we are able to offer discounted prices for you. We will help you choose the right model and size according to your weight and skill level if you want to add fins to your board order or purchase spare ones separately.

wave single
x-wave 18 -32
us / power
100 EUR

wave twin set
x-twin 14,5 -18,5
us / slot 
140 EUR


wave thruster set
x-wave 18 - 26 + 2 x-tri 11,5 -15,5
us / slot
170 EUR

wave quad set
x-twin 14,5 -18,5 + x-quad 8 -10
slot box
190 EUR


x-ride 34 -44
power / tuttle 
140 EUR

slalom-pro 26 -58
power / tuttle / deep tuttle
160 EUR


style-pro-03  18 -22
us / slot / power / deep tuttle
100 EUR

sup-wave 24 / 26 / 28
130 EUR



The daylight bag is a classic 5mm boardbag with nose and tail protection paddings and oversize zipper. It is a must have piece to protect your board against unavoidable hits and scratches during day to day transportation and storage.

daylight rainbow
S 226 x 60  
Tiny 80-94/Tidal 81-97/Tidal Pro 81-90/Tweak 86,90/Trick Pro 92
M 230 x 66
Tidal Max 99-109/Tweak 95-105/Thriller 99-110/Trick Pro 100,110/Twilight 105-115/Trigger 99,103 
L 240 x 76
Thriller Max 117-137/Tempo Pro 115-135/Trigger 120

119 EUR