• MOJO Custom Boards

Sail Giveaway

Design and WIN your MOJO Rytmo custom sail!

  • create your design at mojoboards.hu/sail-designer 

  • send a clear screenshot of it along with your contact deatils and Instagram account (if available) to surf@mojoboards.hu until 10th July 12:00 CET

  • you’ll be entered to our giveaway contest

  • please submit only 1 design per person

  • all designs will be featured in a separate post on MOJO Custom Boards Instagram account on 11th July

  • you are welcome to share the post with your dedicated design and invite friends to like

  • the sail design with the most likes ending 20th July 12:00 CET wins and will be manufactured for its creator in the size of his choice

The winner can choose only 1 size (1 sail) to be manufactured free of charge. Extra sizes (pieces), optional upgrades and accessories are subject to additional costs. Shipping fees to mainland Europe are included.

Have fun creating!