Our Passion. Your MOJO.

Everything we do is dictated by our passion for windsurfing. Nothing can stop us going for a ride, if there are wind and waves. Why would we make a compromise on our equipment than? Over 30 years of experience and countless trips worldwide made us realize that the only way we can have a board that is high quality, fulfilling all expectations and perfectly trusty is building it on our own. Sailing our babies our enthusiasm for windsurfing is greater than ever before. Now we invite you to join us enjoying this flawless windsurfing experience with MOJO Custom Boards.



The T-range is created to be well balanced between traditional fundamentals and progressive elements. Our shapes are computer aided designs cut by our 4 axis CNC machine to ensure 100% accuracy. We test all the models in the widest possible range of conditions from Lake Balaton to Ocean Pacific, so that we can fine tune all details to live up to the expectations and the true MOJO feeling. You can pick a board from our range or have us create a shape according to your ideas. The standard MOJO graphics will be hand painted on your baby, or for some extra we can execute nearly every graphics of your imagination.


wave quad & thruster

The Tidal is a true all condition wave board that covers everything from bump and jump blasting to mast-high wave riding. Its balanced rocker line, mono concave to deep double concave hull, thin rails, flatter deck and medium tail width are designed for quick acceleration, good speed and jumping abilities but in the same time great control on choppy water, excellent responsiveness and smooth feel in transitions.  The quad fin setup and tail shape is more wave-riding oriented while the thruster is a better choice for jumping and on-shore sailing.

Wave-sailing at multiple locations in wide variety of conditions? The Tidal is your go to board.

MOJO Tidal Quad       
volume (l) 80 86 90
length (cm) 223 225 226
width (cm) 57,5 58 59
MOJO Tidal Thruster      
volume (l) 80 85 91
length (cm) 223 225 226
width (cm) 57,5 58 59,5


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The Thriller is a lively free-wave, free-move board that is a comfortable maneuver machine on flat and choppy water but handles bumps and small waves with ease like much smaller boards. Its straighter rocker line, vee hull with a slight double concave, fuller rails, more domed deck and compact outline enable it to jump on the plane in no time, quickly reach a good straight line speed though have a loose feel in maneuvers and control rough water nicely.

Don’t wait for the big days, the Thriller will make you smile in average conditions as well.

MOJO Thriller        
volume (l) 99 106 109 112
length (cm) 228 230 230 233
width (cm) 63,5 64 65 65


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The Tempo is a serious blaster on the race course but it is forgiving enough for less experienced riders to cruise around comfortably. Its straight rocker line, vee hull with a hint of double concave, edgier rails, flat to hollow deck and parallel outline make it an uncompromising board in acceleration and top speed but not letting down those looking for a smooth, controlled ride.

Want to have fun on the weekend or lead the pack on the race course?  The Tempo does it all.

MOJO Tempo      
volume (l) 110 120 130
length (cm) 240 245 245,5
width (cm) 68 73 75


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The Trick is an eye-catching board on and off the water as its compact shape will elegantly spin and fly through all the moves but it is a thing of beauty just lying on the beach. Its straight rocker line is designed for early planning and speed, the flat vee bottom shape ensures exceptional control, the edgy and full rails enhance sliding ability, the extra volume in its tail allow more pop, the slightly domed deck and compact outline assist performing all the freestyle tricks from basic pops to the craziest air moves.

Freestyler at heart? Do your thing, take the Trick.

MOJO Trick  
volume (l) 102
length (cm) 224
width (cm) 62,5


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     short-board surf

The Throne is designed to maximize the fun in average surf by catching almost as many waves as a long-board, gliding over the flat sections whilst being super responsive under the feet. With its curvaceous outline, rounded tail and more relaxed rockers the Throne loves to cruise, carve and fly down the line with just a little encouragement. With single to double concave bottom shape, relaxed entry and exit rockers it gives the best balance between float and control.

Looking for your first short-board? The Throne is your weapon for years.

MOJO Throne    
length 6'8" 7'0"
volume (l) 45 53
length (cm) 203 214
width (cm) 55 58


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Our precision CAD/CAM shaped designs are handcrafted in single or double sandwich construction with heat treated vacuum technology, using a careful selection of the finest materials from Europe to Australia. Our 3 windsurfing constructions are laminated with Huntsmann Araldite resin system and feature high grade EPS core and high density Dyvinicell  (3mm on the deck, 5mm on the bottom) sandwich material inner laminated with fiberglass and/or s-glass layers and a Tenax carbon layer in the standing area. The various layers of the outer laminate are all reinforced with functional ResiX carbon panels, biax carbon mast and fin-box patches and Aerialite s-glass nose and rail bands. All MOJO windsurf boards are fitted with 4 by strap custom made ultra light stainless steel metric inserts, comfortable MOJO foot-straps and double layer, heel bumper footpads.  MUF fins are matching our board’s characteristics the best. We might supply them at discounted rates on demand. The standard MOJO graphics and the custom graphics are all hand painted with UV resistant 2k paint on every board.


beat tech.jpgtech

Our standard construction offers unbeatable value for the money that can conquer any rival in performance though being trusty on and off the water. In the outer laminate we use multiple layers of fiberglass or fiberglass and a full layer of Unidry UD carbon on the deck and bottom. Chinook mast- and fin-boxes ensure maximum reliability.

Great performance for long term.






soul tech.jpgtech

The lightest MOJO construction is engineered for high performance without compromising strength. The latest, professional composite materials we use here have 30-40% better mechanical characteristics than standard fiberglass. It features a full layer of high grade Aerialite s-glass and a full layer of Unidry UD carbon in the outer shell on both deck and bottom .  Built with custom carbon mast- and fin-boxes for superior weight-to-strength ratio.

Uncompromised light weight.






rock tech.jpgtech

This is our toughest construction that is built for careless enjoyment even in the harshest of conditions. The s-glass featured by the ROCK boards has significantly better breaking strength than standard fiberglass. It has a double sandwich standing area. The outer laminate consists of multiple layers of fiberglass or Unidry UD carbon and a full layer of high grade Aerialite s-glass on the deck and bottom with biax carbon reinforcements. Alike SOUL boards, they are fitted with light and strong custom carbon mast- and fin-boxes.

Lasting enjoyment.






pop tech.jpgtech

This construction is specially designed for our surfboards providing light, responsive feel with optimum flex. It features stringerless high density EPS core, multiple fiberglass layers and a full layer of Aerialite s-glass built with the most up-to-date parabolic carbon rail reinforcement technology. Thanks to this the board flex generates kinetic energy that keeps the board speed through maneuvers.

Kinetic flex.







Inflatable SUPs

The inflatable SUP is a perfect toy for water-sports newcomers and everyone want to be out there enjoying nature on calmer days. You can take it literally anywhere, any beach thanks to its compact backpack and with the HD pump you are set to have fun in minutes. Our inflatable boards feature the most advanced drop-stitch technology with double layer construction, extra rail reinforcement and 15 cm thickness for excellent stability and durability. We designed 2 shapes in 3 sizes to cover all conditions for paddling and entry level windsurfing. All sizes are available in standard and wind edition. The wind edition is it the perfect platform to put on a sail get hooked on windsurfing at all ages. Every board is fitted with easy slide-in main fin and 2 built-in thruster fins.  The wind edition has a us box center fin option and a mastbase insert.



This is our all-round, wider, long-board-like shape that is fun and stable to paddle around smoothly even when the water gets choppier. The smaller one is recommended for kids, ladies and lighter guys, whilst the bigger one is perfect for average to heavier riders.

MOJO SurfAIR    
length 9'0" 10'0"
width 33" 34"
thickness 6" 6"
length (cm) 275 305
width (cm) 83 86
thickness (cm) 15 15
volume (l) 199 249








It is designed for longer distance cruising and touring as its narrower, longer shape cuts through chops with ease and has a higher gliding speed. Recommended for sportier paddling or tandem usage.

length 11'6"
width 32"
thickness 6"
length (cm) 347
width (cm) 81
thickness (cm) 15
volume (l) 319







alu paddle

Our lightweight 3 piece aluminum paddle with plastic shaft is a perfect match with both SurfAIRs and the TourAIR.

adjustable 170-210cm